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We offer modern combatives training:

  • Physical, unarmed self defense such as striking & grappling.  
  • Knife, stick, firearms and other weapons use and defenses.
  • Tactical soft skills: awareness, avoidance, deescalation, disengagement & disruption skills.
  • Legal considerations to self defense and use of weapons.  Self defense may end in the courtroom - be informed on the judicious use of practiced skills; legally articulate & defend your decisions!
  • Manage fear and the physiological effects of critical incident stress.


Combatives / personal defensive tactics are raw,  aggressive techniques for dealing with interpersonal violence in an  immediate, effective manner.  The techniques are simple, efficient, easy  to learn and retain under stress.

Martial Blade Concepts (MBC) is an edged-weapon system specifically designed  to meet the needs of today's concerned citizen and armed professional.  Based on Michael Janich's extensive analysis of the Filipino martial arts and many other systems,  MBC takes combat-proven tactics and adapts them to modern tools,  threats, and legal concerns. The result is a practical, easy-to-learn  system that is ideally suited to modern self-defense.


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Do you need defensive skills for employment reasons in addition to general personal protection? 

HB Combatives

514 Carnarvon St, New Westminster, British Columbia V3L 2Z3, Canada

***Free parking! Take Columbia St. to Church St (between 4th and 6th St.) and park in the lot behind building.


 Thursdays in general but check training schedule (below) before attending as class days do change. 

Combatives 7:00pm - 8:00pm

MBC 8:00pm - 9:00pm


Participants may attend both classes or one or the the other.  Those interested in just Martial Blade Concepts should arrive at least 5 minutes to 8pm in order to start on time. 


Private or small group:  

By request - contact

Email for free drop-in class!


Training Schedule

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